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Lilyclaire Major-Varallo et Marie-Sophie McKinnon


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Lilyclaire Major-Varallo

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Marie-Sophie McKinnon

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Lilyclaire Major-Varallo (on the right on the photo)

Having been raised in the performing world, Lilyclaire had the chance to grow up surrounded by amazing circus artists who inspired her to eventually become one too. After doing six years of competitive trampoline, Lilyclaire felt the pull of show business and found a way to bring her abilities into performing via Teeterboard. The National Circus School was the perfect place for her to follow her passion and fulfill her dream of being part of unique all female Teeterboard act. She is grateful for all her coachs who supported her throughout her journey here at NCS.


What does the NCS represent for you?

The NCS is, for me, an institution that gives talented artists the opportunity to come together, to be creative in new ways, and a place where you can escape the stress and worries of everyday life.


What is your favorite memory of the NCS?

My best memory at NCS is when I got to perform for the first time with my Teeterboard partner for our DEC I end-of-year show. I remember like it was yesterday, the moment we finished our sequence and our eyes met, it was as if it was us against the world and there was nothing stopping us for what was to come.


Marie-Sophie Mckinnon (on the left on the photo)

At a young age, Marie-Sophie did competitive gymnastics (2015 Eastern Canadian All-Around Champion) as well as diving and trampoline. She decided to leave Quebec, alone, and travel the world. Then, after three years of travel, she applied to the National Circus School in Aerial Silks and was accepted in Teeterboard, making up the first female duo at the NCS. Now specialized in Teeterboard, she also practices Chinese pole, Aerial Silks and Slackline.


What does the NCS represent for you?

An environment where you gain a lot of experience


What is your favorite memory of the NCS?

When Lilyclaire and I spent time in the costume department picking out our costumes for our acts. We’d often come up with extravagant ideas and make each other laugh.


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