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Marceau Bidal


  • Asymmetrical Straps,


Marceau started the circus already 15 years ago, but he never thought he would live from this passion one day. He has always been attracted to the performing arts, and in 2019 he will graduate from university to work as a producer of shows and events. However, the call of the stage was stronger, which is why he joined the NCS where he created and developed a new apparatus for his graduation act, the straps on pulley.


What does the NCS represent for you?

For me, the School was a great step in my life! First and foremost, it was a time of unforgettable encounters and a lot of sharing. But it’s also been a great toolbox, providing me with a lot of knowledge I need to prepare myself for the rest of my life.


What is your favorite memory of the NCS?

My best memory is certainly when I organized the School’s open stages, which enabled me to combine two passions: event organization and the circus!


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