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Victor Crepin


  • Chinese Pole,
  • Hand to Hand,


My first artistic and choreographic approach was hip-hop dance, but it was at the age of 13 that I became passionate about the circus arts following the discovery of Cirque Georget in France. After trying out different disciplines, I entered the NCS to do Chinese pole. I was quickly attracted by the work with several people and especially the role of carrier. Today I find my place in the circus as a generalist artist, mixing Chinese pole, Hand to Hand, Icarian games and Russian bar.


What does NCS represent to you?

My time at NCS helped me evolve enormously, I pushed back my limits and developed my creativity. During my four years of training, the NCS was like my second home, through which I met some wonderful people, both teachers and friends, without whom I would never have gotten to where I am today.


What is your favorite memory in NCS ?

I have too many good memories at NCS to choose just one, but when I land a new trick, or take off the lanyards for the first time, it’s an unforgettable feeling. What also means a lot to me is being able to witness my friends’ successes.


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