Episode 1: Acrobatics in a Pandemic

Normally, NCS students end their school year with a performance that showcases their skills and creativity. For the graduates, the annual show is the culmination of their training at the NCS, performed in front of over 17,000 people in a professional setting. Finding themselves confined overnight, the students have had to turn around and adapt to the new reality that the pandemic has brought. Distance learning projects were put in place to allow students to complete their school year and adapt their creative skills to this unprecedented context.

Episode 2: Confined Creations and Lack of Inspiration

Finding inspiration in confinement is not easy. Students conduct several creative projects from a distance, guided by creators who are mandated to keep them creative and find new methods of expression during this time.

Episode 3: Finding Harmony While Distancing

Creativity is expressed in a thousand and one ways… even in confinement! The creators and students take up the challenges of this test together, using very different methods.

Episode 4: Jump-Start and Move On to the Future

Although performance is at the heart of circus arts, many other aspects are essential for a project to come to life. In this fourth episode of the “The Circus Must Go On” series, graduates and artists learn how to innovate or launch their own company.

By participating in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab set up by the School’s Research Centre (CRITAC), they will be able to better contribute to the development of the performance industry in a brand new global reality.

Episode 5: Jumping Towards Better Days

The arts world is slowly reinventing itself from the blows of the pandemic, and graduates are returning to the NCS in a very different context than when they left. Having successfully met the many challenges they faced during this period, these artists enter the NCS for the last time as students, only to leave graduate in this final episode of the “The Circus Must Go On”!


Thank you to our partners who made this series possible.

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