Julie Vincent

Artistic advisor

Director, playwright and actress Julie Vincent has played many leading roles in more than a dozen television series and Canadian films. She also has performed on major theatre stages and in the Ligue nationale d'improvisation. Her acting has garnered numerous awards: a Golden Plaque for Best Actress at the 1979 International Film Festival in Chicago for Mourir à tue-tête by Anne-Claire Poirier, and she was nominated several times for a Prix Gémeaux. She performed Arthur Honegger’s Jeanne au bûcher under the direction of conductor Charles Dutoit both in Japan and at Carnegie Hall in New York. A professor at the National Theatre School of Canada for more than 20 years, first of improvisation and then acting, she has been an artistic advisor at the École nationale de cirque since 2008. In recent years, Julie has devoted herself to her work as a playwright and to her creative company, Singulier Pluriel. Her works are published by Éditions de la Pleine Lune.