Internationally recognised as an unmissable event in the circus arts, the Festival of contemporary circus in Auch (France) welcomes every year numerous professional circus companies and approximately 80 diverse performances for over ten days. The festival is considered a showcase for contemporary circus creation.
For this 2022 edition, Estelle Clareton (creative director) and Marilou Cousineau (assistant director of the college program and continuing education) represented the NCS at this event by attending nearly ten presentations over several days of Festival. Each of these presentations was unique and filled with magic, creativity and wonder, and it would not do justice to the artists or their acts to try to summarize them in one article. So, Estelle Clareton accepted to write a few lines of description and analysis about each performance she attended.
However, Estelle and Marilou were not the only ones to represent the NCS at the Auch Festival. Our student, Nathan Sterchi, graduating in 2023, also took part in the festivities by submitting a video creation for the TRACES challenge launched by the FEDEC as part of the festival. Students from circus schools were asked to create a three-minute video on the theme of “Wonder”. The video proposed by Nathan, called Tissures, was conceived, directed and edited by him and features Zoe Schubert, 2023 graduate, in aerial straps in the NCS studios.

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